Mk5a Provost

The Hunting Percival and later BAC Provost Jet is a basic trainer requested by the Royal Air Force. It originally flew in 1955 and was in service until 1993 and it now a very popular jet with private owners. Its popularity is in large part because its simplistic yet very efficient design. Seven hundred thirty-four were produced with over forty of those still in the skies today. Its stats are impressive for a 1950s jet:


35′ 4″

Service Ceiling





900 Miles



Max Speed


The last of the Provost to be produced, it has two major differences. It has the Viper 201 engine. It also has cockpit pressurization. This additional, reliable power along with cockpit comfort make the Provost the perfect “fun” jet. This is because with the 440mph top speed and excellent maneuverability, real reliable mechanical characteristics and low operating cost, this advanced trainer is a great aerobatic aircraft. The Provost was fitted with light armament with some success. The Provost design was further enhanced to become the BAC Strikemaster, a heavy armed ground attack variant that found popularity.

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