C-45 Expeditor

C45 Expeditor "Midnight Miss" History

•It began as UC-45F, Beech c/n 6806, delivered to the USAAF Air Transport Command on 27 June 1944 as USAAF 43-35923.


34′ 2″


9′ 8″


47′ 8″

Speed (Top)

224 mph


1,180 miles



•Transferred to the Republic Aviation Corp., Evansville Modification Center, IN on 1 July 1944.

•Headed overseas to the Pacific in August 1947 where it was assigned to the Strategic Air Command (SAC).

•December 1947 based at Offutt AFB with SAC in 1949, and in 1951 had been declared surplus and was granted the authority to be recycled.

•Between 1951 and 1955, it underwent a series of USAF contracts and remanufacturing. C-45 Serial 43-35923 received a new model designation as C-45G, Beech c/n AF-159 51-11602 and delivered to the USAF at Tinker AFB on 6 September 1952.  By August 1958 it was again declared surplus at Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ and went onto civilian ownership.

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